The Song of Gaia

The Basic History

Long ago, Gaia (The Earth) created all of the world and the spirits, but realized she had to leave for other duties, so she created a Triat to monitor reality, The Weaver (To create static new technology), The Wyld (To create new nature), and The Wyrm (To destroy stuff to make room for new stuff). Gaia also created the Changing Breeds to help balance the world.

The Weaver Ruins Everything

The Weaver began to grow frustrated with The Wyrm destroying everything it built so in a fury she trapped The Wyrm in a web that prevented him from doing his job, driving him mad. He thrashed wildly, but his purpose had been corrupted, no longer able to destroy he could only corrupt. But he set to task

The Garou (Werewolves) Ruin More

So, The Changing breeds had their work cut out, the problem being that, well a war would break out. The War of Rage as it is called, echoes throughout history, leading to the extinction of a bunch of them. This culminates in what would late be known as The War of Tears leading to the death of a whole Tribe. 

The Modern Day

The War hasn't ended.  It's a sad fact, but you are losing. Black Spiral Dancers, Pentex, and even just ordinary human evil have driven the world to the Brink of The Apocalypse. 


Our Job

Your Mission, is to do your best to save the world, sure the spirit world is sick, and sure there are plenty of sick fucks out there to stop you, but you aren't gonna give up! You have some allies in this, but we will cover them as they appear.

The Song of Gaia

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