Black Furies-Amazonian Defenders of Women

Bone Gnawers- The lowest of the low, Predators of The Slum

Children Of Gaia- Peace-Loving Garou, who believe we should be focused on working together

Fianna- Celtic Descendant bards in love with beer and song

Get of Fenris- Viking Werewolves (Can we get any more metal)

Glass Walker The ever adapting masters of technology.

Red Talons A Savage all lupus tribe who hate Humans

Shadow Lords The Ultimate Betas, willing to do what others won't

Silent Striders Exiled from their homeland messengers 

Silver Fang The traditional ruling Tribe.

Stargazers Kung Fu monk werewolves

Uktena Mystics who bind evil spirits to a better purpose

Wendigo Native-American warriors who hate the non-native Garou

Black Spiral Dancers Corrupted and evil servants of the Wyrm


Rage Across York Bzaj Bzaj